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The Best Call Blocker App. Stop spam callers and block unwanted calls with a few clicks and swipes. VBlocker is developed to be the #1 call blocker and SMS blocker in the market.

Why VBlocker?

Call Blocking, Sms Blocking, Wild card Blocking, Unwanted and Spam Blocker

VBlocker is highly user friendly app and developed to be the #1 call blocker and SMS blocker in the Android app market with the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of developers. VBlocker promotes a hassle free mobile experience to its large user base with an array of attractive features that are unique to this app. VBlocker is not a mere app to block unwanted calls, but a lifesaver in this digital era.

The superiority of the Call blocker and SMS blocker app is due to its unique features and performance that competitor apps cannot offer. This is simply the glitch free version of current Android apps for call blocking available in the market.

VBlocker international call blocking

What’s Special

International Blocking

Enables users to choose countries by country codes to block calls receiving from those countries.

Battery Level Blocking

Options for select Battery percentage, Block All Calls and Block All SMS. Whatever will be ON the app will work on the blocking according to battery level selected.

Wild card Blocking

We have Added a method where user can add Series/Word, in this screen user can add Series with wildcard like *8000, 1200* and any words which will have in sms that sms will be blocked like “offer” and other spam words.

Unique Features Introduced By VBlocker

Voicemail Blocking

The option to block voicemail calls. This option will pick up and hang up the call.

Schedule Blocking

Offers a range of options for users to create their own schedule of activating call blocking.

Caller pop-up

The option for show the user a Caller Pop Up when call comes to user phone with details like Caller number, name, photo and 3 buttons - Add To Blocklist, Add and Block Call, Dismiss pop up.

VBlocker Support android version 2.3+

OS Compatibility

Android SmartPhones

Supports a wide range of Android smartPhones devices 2.3+

Android Tablets

Supports a wide range of Android tablets devices 2.3+

VBlocker - Call and SMS Blocker Promo Video

VBlocker - Call and SMS Blocker Promo Video

VBlocker Unique Features

VBlocker Unique Features

Password Protection

Password Protection

User can have password protected the app. As user will have the list of blocklist in the app and user needed the security on this app access.

Blocker Service: ON/OFF Checkbox

Blocker Service: ON/OFF Checkbox

ON/OFF checkbox for blocking ON or OFF. It is main settings on top of all other settings. If user wants to OFF the blocking of all contacts he listed in blocklist, simple user will make OFF from here. Usage is like user don't have to remove blocklist contact for sometime

Add blocking number in Blocklist by using 6 Methods

Add blocking number in Blocklist by using 6 Methods

VBlocker support 6 methods to add contact from in blocklist. Call Logs, Contacts, SMS Logs, Series/Word. Manual Number and Unknown.

Facilitates an Unlimited Number of Blocking

Facilitates an Unlimited Number of Blocking

User can add any number of contacts/phone numbers in Blocklist, no limit here in our app.

Customize the Level of Blocking for each Number

Customize the Level of Blocking for each Number

For each Blockings entry/number we have Slider to left for more options like Call Blocking enable/disable icon, Sms blocking enable/disable icon, and Remove this number from Blocklist.

Call and SMS Blocking History

Call and SMS Blocking History

Call blocking history with date, time, number of contact, name of contact if saved contact

Export and Clear History Options

Export and Clear History Options

This are the options we presented to user for taking back up of his history in notepad format. This options are available for both call and sms history.

Auto Response SMS

Auto Response SMS

Auto Response is a feature where user can ON/OFF independent for Call block and sms block to send sms to blocked call or sms with some predefined sms message in app.

Supported in 5 Different Languages

Supported in 5 Different Languages

Added support for 5 more languages (CA, ID, PT, FR, RO)

Material Slider

The slider give a great look to the app with quick menu actions and features to access. It is having below functions:

Blocker Service
My Inbox
How to Use
VBlocker Screen shots

Screenshot Gallery

Welcome screen
Splash Screen
Add to blocklist Methods
Home Screen With Tabs
Blocklist Tab
Blocklist Tab With Swipe Menu Options
Call Tab With Swipe Menu Options
SMS Tab With Swipe Menu Options
Settings Screen With Call and SMS Block Options
Material Slider
Spam Word Sms Blocking
Add to blocklist Tabs Structre
Blocklist Number With Block Counts
International Call Blocking
Password Protection
Green Skin
Choose Countries To Block International Number
Battery Level Blocking
Whitelist Contacts
Choose File To Backup
Backup/Restore Tabs Structure
Create Schedule Blocking
Schedule Blocking List
Choose Password/Change Password
Generate Password
Date Format
Notification Tone
What's New In VBlocker
Caller Pop-Up
Search VBlocker Call/SMS History
About VBlocker
VBlocker Premium Packages
VBlocker Schedule Blocking Premium Packages
VBlocker Premium Packages Offer

Premium Packages


  • Call blocking
  • SMS blocking
  • White list contact
  • Wild Card Blocking
  • Battery level blocking
  • Skins

Premium Package 1

  • Zero Ad Policy
  • Password Protection
  • Backup And Restoration
  • Auto Response Capability
  • Export History
  • A Range Of Awesome Skins

Premium Package 2

  • Schedule Blocking

Premium Package 3

  • International Call Blocking
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